Find a Postal Code in Ireland

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What's a postal code in Ireland?

Until 2015, Ireland did not have the concept of postal codes. Areas of Dublin had numbered postal districts, but other than that, Irish addresses were based on names of towns, townlands, villages, cities, and counties. In 2015 a new national postcode system called Eircode was launched, giving every residential and business address in Ireland a unique postal code called an Eircode.

Do you need a postcode for Ireland

If you send mail without a postal code, postcode or Eircode to an address in Ireland, it is still very likely to get to it's destination, though could be somewhat delayed. In the future, however, similar to other countries with established postal code systems, a valid Eircode will likely be required, or become the only address identifier needed to deliver.

How can I find my postal code or Eircode?

It's easy to find or check a postal code or Eircode using the search tool above. Simply start typing an address, postal code, or Eircode into the search bar above, and watch as the "Postal Code" box updates in real time with suggestions for the correct postalcode.

Our database is updated on a regular basis, so you should be able to find what you need. Occasionally, for searches focused on rural areas, we'll provide a shorter alphanumeric response with three values. This is the start of the Eircode, and should be enough for you to get your delivery or mail to it's intended destination (alongside name and address).

How do I use a postal code or Eircode?

Similar to how postcodes are used in other countries, an Irish postal code or Eircode should be added after the County line, and before the Country (Ireland) line in the address. 

If you are completing a form to order items delivered from a retailer, including a postal code would be recommended to ensure a successful delivery. 

When sharing a postal code, you may be concerned about the privacy implications of this.

  • For businesses, you should feel comfortable sharing your postal code or Eircode with people you do business with. 
  • For personal addresses, make sure you feel comfortable sharing your postal code or Eircode with businesses you're buying from. If meeting or chatting to someone you don't know online, sharing a postal code would not be recommended.

Remember, unless you're a business with a commercial property, no personal or private residential information is shared with or available in the Eircode database.